Becoming a Digital Thought Leader

It’s a different world now as more businesses are going online and will likely stay online.

Are you in a position to expand your reach and grow your business?

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. I’m in New York City, the current US coronavirus epicenter, and I’m horrified by the news and devastating loss of life in my city.

We’re in an uncertain crisis and each day I need to set an intention to keep my business moving forward, day by day, knowing that there’s eventually going to be an end to this. One day at a time, I vow to show up, provide support, and be present – by fully utilizing my online platforms.

That’s what digital thought leaders do.

So, what is a digital thought leader?

A digital thought leader is a business owner who inspires, coaches, leads and provides a cohesive online experience for his or her audience.

Having a cohesive online experience means: delivering a consistent message across your website, your social media profiles, your emails, and your professional correspondence.

It’s reflected in how you show up, whether it’s on video, over the phone, or over email.

Having automated systems in your business allows you to show up at the right time in front of the right people while leveraging your time and increasing your reach.

These systems include your email marketing platform, your CRM, (customer relationship management tool) – and of course your website.


If there is any inconsistency in your messaging, you can build automated systems to get you back on track. I can show you how.

So what does this mean for you and what is your next step?

Going through all of your online spaces and automating your communications takes time, and it’s time that you may not have right now. You need to get online now.

People are waiting for you to show up.

I want to offer my support.

Let’s have a FREE 20-minute conversation and talk about how my team and I can help you show up in your business, communicate with your clients, and free up your time to become the digital thought leader that you want to be.

Book your free systems audit call now.

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