Katherine N Johnson

Goals & Objectives

Attract New Coaching Clients

The primary goal of the website is to attract new coaching clients for Katherine. Each call to action either drives the visitor to schedule a discovery session or to click to the services page to read more.

Create Her Logo

We wanted to create a unique logo just for Katherine. The logo that we designed was custom made (not a template) and incorporated elements from her color scheme and website.

Grow Her Email List

I’ve created the ‘7 Day Reflection Guide’ in order to grow her email list. This guide is avaiable in exchange for an email address.

The Approach


One of Katherine’s favorite colors is red. Because red is so powerful, I wanted to lessen its intensity on the website – particular for a coaching website. 

Our mission was to make the visitor feel empowered, but at ease at the same time. I altered the red color to a maroon color and paired it with orange, beige, plum, and a little brown.

Fonts & Typography

I used a serif font (Ovo) for the headlines and a sans-serif font for the body (Muli).

I wanted the headlines to have a regal look to them while having an easy-to-read font for the body that won’t overwhelm the visitor.

The Approach

The Logo

The objective for the logo was to link all 3 letters of her name K, N. and J. We managed to do that by altering the colors to make the N stand out on its own.

We went through several iterations to get it just right!

Would you like a website like the one I’ve built for Katherine?

Kimberly Inez Mays

Kimberly Inez Mays


I’m Kim and I help ambitious coaches and speakers elevate their online presence so that they can attract their ideal clients for more leads & sales!

Joi Unlimited

Joi Unlimited

Kevin and I had the pleasure of doing a custom website, t-shirt design, eShop, and email marketing strategy for Dr. Joi Lewis of JoiUnlimited.com

The Equity Leadership Group

The Equity Leadership Group

I'm excited to launch a new website, equityleadershipgroup.com It was a pleasure working with Dr Karla Manning to bring her vision online. From the site: 💻 The mission of the Equity Leadership Group, LLC is to provide K-12 educators, school leaders, and...

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