Let’s get it NOW! Multiple Ways to Sell Your Products and Services

What do my clients all have in common?

They need a way to reach people, generate leads, sell, and collect payments effectively and painlessly. And selecting and learning the technology while simultaneously creating and delivering the service and be … well .. overwhelming. 

The LAST thing you need to spend the majority of your time thinking about is which system shall I use? This is not a revenue generating activity.

It’s far better to focus on generating leads and providing quality to your new and existing clients. 

If you are selling 1:1 Coaching …

Here’s a quick example: A client is looking to sell her 1:1 consultation program. She could either create a BUY NOW button for them to pay instantly on the site, or she could develop a process to get the information of prospective clients, have a brief discovery call with them, and then make an offer.

We chose to develop the latter process.

1:1 Coaching is a high-ticket service because you are offering your undivided time. As with this type of service, it’s important to have a system to qualify your leads. Not everyone is a good fit for you. (and vice versa)

Your website and email automation play a role in your success. By sending leads to your site, they get to know like and trust you. And they come to you familiar with your service. Your discovery call reminder emails can also guide them through your process, excite them, and make it more likely that you’ll close the sale!

Nice, right?

2 systems that I like are:

  • Dubsado, which is a CRM
  • ActiveCampaign, which is my email marketing service

When it comes to online courses and memberships, you have many options.

You can typically use the same service for both your online course and membership. The difference between a course and a membership is that a course is paid for one time, whereas a membership is paid recurrently for new content.

You could offer a course and up-sell that into a membership. Or you could offer a membership and create small amounts of content to adapt to your members needs. 

Choosing between a membership or a course will depend on what result you are looking to deliver, but the system that you use will process both one-time and recurring payments.

It should also be able to send emails to your students/memberships as frequently as you need to:

  • Got a new program?
  • Waitlist or registration open?
  • Modified an existing program?
  • Got a sale?
  • Reminder for your next group call?

You get the idea.

I could write another 500 words on memberships alone, but I’ll save that for another blog post.

And finally, if you want to sell digital or physical products …

It’s easier than ever to sell your digital products. I’m talking about ebooks, templates, training, guides, videos, etc. 

You likely have content on your computer RIGHT NOW that you could monetize. But you have to find a way to deliver it and get compensated.

You have several options. 

If you also need a website, Shopify is a solid choice. You can bundle both your store and website together. 

If you don’t need a website and want to sell quickly, I recommend PayHip or Gumroad. It’s free to sell, but the service will deduct an 8%-9% fee for every transaction. However, it’s a good way to know if there’s a demand for your digital product without an upfront investment.

And lastly, you can build on top of your existing website with an ecommerce plugin, like WooCommerce for WordPress. This requires a developer, however, you are in complete control of your store and you only need to pay the credit card transaction fees.

Did I mention that these storefronts work for physical products too?

Physical products require either you to fulfill the order or have another company do it. Depending on your anticipated volume, you could do it yourself for a while or outsource it entirely.

Your business, your rules. 

Get started now. Let us help.

If the options above seem like a lot of work, it is. It’s a lot of work if you don’t get help.

You know your business, you know your clients, and you know what you’re selling. We will help you set up what you don’t know how to do, so that you can be free to serve clients.

So how do we do that?

We offer:

  • Membership and online course setup
  • Email and marketing automation
  • Website design (our course)
  • And … online store setup

There’s really nothing stopping you from getting your service or product out there. The world is waiting.

If you would like to learn how Foolishly Creative can help you with your online business, apply for a complimentary 20 min discovery call.

Appointment times are limited.

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