How to use your website to boost your likability, credibility, and trustworthiness

Every coaching business has a website. So you need to have one, right?

Yes, while this is true, what some of my coaching and consulting clients fail to realize is that having a website is not a one-and-done deal. It’s a living marketing tool and the online home for your online business. Why not put it to use?

So, you have a website. What now?

You can use your website to be known, liked, and trusted. Your website can boost your likability, credibility, and trustworthiness with just a few simple tasks per week.

The first thing to consider is your visitor’s point of view. Who are they and what do they need?

The second thing to consider is: How does my business fulfill that need and how do I convince them that I’m the solution?

And most importantly … make it easy for them to choose you as the solution.

Why drive traffic to your website?

I see so many coaches and consultants laboriously posting new content and live videos on social media. Their content is chock full of good advice and actionable tips that their client’s need.

However these business owners do contain a call to action that drives traffic back to their websites. Why is that?

Many entrepreneurs unknowingly pass up the opportunity for more website visitors. And that is a big mistake. A potential client doesn’t get the opportunity to:

  • Get the full picture of what your business does and the problems that you solve
  • Read the benefits and details of your programs, retreats, and speaking topics
  • Watch your videos
  • Read your blog
  • Download your free resource

Your ideal client will need to know, like, and trust you before making a buying decision.

If you are selling high-priced services, you may need to show up several times in front of the same person. You need to build a relationship and your website can help you do that.

Having a website where all of your content, programs, and resources are all in one place makes it easy to move them along from curiosity to consideration.

The best part of this is that you get to determine what their experience with your brand will look like. Let’s think about some of the ways that we can do this:

  • Provide valuable information and content – from your website
  • Provide a downloadable resource and provide an upsell or offer on your ‘thank you’ page
  • Invite them to watch your video library
  • Invite them to read your blog post and offer a freebie that the end
  • Host your training/webinar on your website
  • Embed your live videos
  • Answer online questions on forums with a link back to your website

Your options are endless. The focus should be on building a relationship with your potential clients online.

Keep the relationship moving forward

Once someone visits your website, the relationship doesn’t end if they don’t buy. You should always make a plan to get in front of your visitors again.

How do you do this? Re-targeting.

When someone visits your site you can display a Facebook ad on their feed, send them an email, or display different content when they come back. If you think this is creepy or annoying, it’s really not. It’s your way of providing valuable information so that you can solve whatever particular problem that they have.

  • Placing a Facebook pixel on your website
  • Tracking which pages people have looked at to understand interest
  • Sending a welcome and follow up series to subscribers based on the actions they’ve taken on your website
  • Continuously providing both information and offers (I prefer video as much as possible to allow people to get to know you)

So there you have it. Hopefully this blog post has given you some more ideas on how to use your website to build trust, credibility, and relationships with all you encounter online.

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