5 ways to create an ‘About Me’ page that people will actually read

Everyone loves a good ‘About Me’ page. But no one loves it more than the website owner herself.


It is usually the easiest thing to write. Creating sales copy can be so daunting that writing an ‘About Me’ page is a nice reprieve.

Yet, it’s the page where many entrepreneurs forget that the primary aim of the website is to sell. This includes the ‘About Me’ page – and especially this page.

So how does an entrepreneur use their ‘About Me’ page to sell? More importantly, how can she ensure that anyone will actually read it?

Let me give you 5 ways to create an ‘About Me’ page that people will actually read.

1. Make your ‘About Me’ page relevant and current

This one should be easy. Your about page should be related to your business. Who are you in relation to your business? Any why should anyone care?

  • Start with the present. Begin by restating what you do now.
  • Who do you help?
  • How do you help them?
  • And why do you do it?

You should refrain from starting at your origin story. Sure, it is interesting to you. However, most people are still reading your about page to find out what you can do for them. This is your opportunity to use your About Me Page as a sales tool.

How do you sell without being to ‘sales-y’? Simply let your visitor know that you’ve started your business to help others. (Which is the truth right?) This way, your About Me page will be relevant enough for your business, but easier (and more enjoyable) for you to create.

2. Make it honest

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t pretend to be someone that you aren’t. All to often, new coaches feel the need to copy others who have been in business longer, have a larger following, or do something entirely different. Don’t do this.

The best way to start your About Me Page is to understand your ideal client. What niche do you serve?

Your ideal client might not be looking for the person that you think you need to copy. They are looking for you. Here’s an example:

There are many coaches and speakers who reach thousands of random people everyday. He or she might have a large following, have previously filled up stadiums, and have authored numerous books. However, if you serve a particular niche and are just starting out, you might be able to use that to your advantage by emphasizing a more personal relationship with the small following that you do have.

An honest About Me Page will not deceive your readers, but will highlight your mission and your person. It should persuade them to get to know you and want to work with you. (See #1 above) If you don’t have any clients yet, you may be able to highlight how you’ve helped others with the same problem and what about your experience makes you qualified to do it again.

There’s no need to overthink any of this. You are more than enough.

3. Make your About Me page brief

Brevity is necessary but it is not so easy. Be mindful of the length of your About Me page. Remember, the average website visitor spends less than 15 seconds before deciding to go elsewhere.

So, get to the point.

If you are the best person for your target audience, then state why immediately. Resist the urge to start with your backstory. Everyone loves a good story, but your visitor will want to know if it is worth their time before reading on. Be sure to check the length of your About Me page against the length of your other pages.

You can help your visitor scan your content by breaking up large blocks of text with headlines. By writing compelling headlines, your visitor will want to ‘fill in the gaps’ and read more.

4. Tell a compelling story

Your target audience will want to know why are in business – and there’s usually a story behind it. Telling a story after you reintroduce yourself will make your About Me page easier to write and will also make your make more interesting to read. If your reader resonates with your story, you have a higher likelihood of converting them into a client.

  • Did you overcome a problem that you now solve for other people?
  • How did you know it was a problem for you or someone else?
  • How big was a challenge and what was the turning point?
  • How long did it take you?
  • What would you have wished was in place? What would you have done differently?
  • How could you help someone else overcome the same problem faster and more effectively?
  • How have you acquired the skills to solve this problem?

These are a few of the questions that you should answer on your About Me page.

5. Show your lighter side

Humor sells too! Don’t be afraid to be funny.

If your business deals with a serious subject matter, your About Me page is the only place where you can inject a little humor. You may want to try it here.

You a breathing human being with interests, hobbies, fun facts, and phobias that isn’t afraid to laugh once in a while. The content will be entirely up to you. Inject it where you feel it is most appropriate and have a good time with it.

Do you have any pictures of your personal life to share? What about a pet? Or of your most interesting trip? What would your target audience connect with?

Your About Me page really isn’t about you at all

Here’s the bottom line. Everything on your website is about your ideal client. They are the purpose for the website so you need to create a content strategy that revolves around getting them to convert to customers.

Your About Me page should give them an opportunity to dig deeper and get to know the man or woman behind the business.


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