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Everyone needs a little help now and then …

… and I can help you “level up” to serve the best interests of your target audience, your ideal client …

  • What do they NEED right now?
  • What do they need to hear?
  • Who do you need to be?
  • What tools and resources do you need to support your mission?
  • What personal support do you need to grow your business?


I can help you with all of these ….

Did you just start (or just getting started) and need to know where to start?

Need to understand (and USE) all of the technical systems in your business? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Need a plan to generate new leads? Do you hear crickets in your business?

 Need to establish a better online presence? Do you feel that your brand is ‘less than’?

Kimberly Mays - Foolishly Creative


“As a recent founder of a career consulting business, I knew that to be successful, I would need an online presence. Once I began to take that leap, I quickly became overwhelmed with all the decisions I would need to make: incorporation, domain name selection, web-hosting service options, to name a few. But most intimidating of all was deciding what – and how much – content to put on my website before I took it live. That’s when I reached out to my long-time colleague and friend, Kimberly Mays, founder of Foolishly Creative.

She reviewed every page of my draft website in detail, assessed the site’s strengths and weaknesses, and gave me an assessment of how “ready-for-market” I was. She challenged me to get over my attempt to create a “perfect” website, and push it live. And she gave me guidance on what I needed to work on “next”, after I pushed it live. Since going live, I have begun to build momentum with visitors, and have struck a few new clients sourced directly to the website.

For my business, Kimberly was part web presence consultant, part content assessor, and most importantly, part cheerleader. She never talked down to me and treated me like a partner. Without her input, I’d probably still be in paralysis/analysis mode.

Hire Kimberly and her Foolishly Creative team whether you’re still brainstorming your web presence, you need to give it a kickstart, or you want to take it further with additional elements like sales collateral, sales funnel creation, payment processing, and/or marketing communications. I am grateful for her help and I plan to continue working with her as I grow!”

Michael Lewis, founder of Careerious LLC

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