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We have our eyes on your business, while you build your business!

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Hi I’m Kimberly Inez Mays, founder of Creative Digital Systems!

My team and I here to help ambitious coaches, thought leaders, and speakers – YOU – elevate your online presence so that you can attract your ideal clients.

We do the heavy lifting and behind-the-scenes ‘tech stuff’ so you can focus on running your business and serving your clients.

Kimberly Mays - Foolishly Creative
Kimberly Mays - Foolishly Creative

Marketing & Email Automation by Keap

The priority for any coach and speaker is to grow their customer base and generate more sales leads.

Fortunately, Keap is designed for this exact purpose – and I’m certified!

Implementing a Customer Relationship Management system, like Keap, can help you track and manage your customers and prospects, create a more seamless customer experience, and even automate your marketing and sales funnel.

Websites for Coaches & Speakers

Having great design for your consulting or coaching website is about much more than just looking good!

It is about converting visitors into clients. A great design can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal and a poor design can be a big hindrance. With your main focus being helping your clients, it is important to invest time and money into something you get big returns on.

Systems and Strategy VIP Day

Kimberly Mays - Foolishly Creative

Learn with Me!

Programs and Courses for Every Entrepreneur!

Looking for more support?

I have courses, resources, and a MEMBERSHIP that will allow you to learn the strategies that you need to have a thriving online business.

Client love …


I chose Kimberly Mays, Owner of Foolishly Creative, to build my business website because we were in a Mastermind together and I liked her style. I thought that she would make a great business partner. I was right! She listened to my needs and worked extremely hard to create solutions. She integrated innovation with my basic ideas. She was professional, courteous, and patient as I worked through the appropriate presentation to share with the world. She follows up and follows through! I would definitely recommend her to other business owners because she gets the job done with excellence!


Free Online Community >>

In this Facebook group, we’ll:

  • Help you create an online presence – using the time and tools available to you now
  • Talk about branding – and what may or may not be resonating with your ideal clients
  • Encourage you to share your services with others
  • Share tips to automate your marketing and grow your email list
  • And more ..

Ready to unleash your business, build your client list, and solve your website and branding dilemmas once and for all?


We’ll do the heavy lifting and create branding, marketing collateral and websites that leave your clients saying ‘WOW.’ I can’t wait to help you kickstart your business and cheer on your success!

Are you ready to confidently create a website that attracts your dream clients?

The Shine Online Workbook guides you through essential content and website planning exercises, so you can create a website that works for your business as a powerful lead-generation machine!

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Are you wasting time looking for the right business systems?

Use what I use! Save your time, save money, and finally get back to running the business you love!

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